Hayfever Medication now to be purchased over the counter – click here for list.

Examples of products available to purchase from local pharmacies and other retail outlets are:-

Loratadine and Cetirizine from £1.80 for 14 tablets
Available from pharmacies and other retail outlets

Steroid Nasal Sprays
Beclometasone nasal spray from £4
Fluticasone nasal spray from £5.30
Available in pharmacies only and for use in adults >18yrs

Eye Drops
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops from £4.90
Available from pharmacies and other retail outlets

Talk to your local pharmacist if you need some advice. You don’t need an appointment!

If you have had confirmation that you can register with the surgery you may print your own forms to complete at home by using the following:-

If your records are with a GP surgery within the UK use an HS 200 Form HS200 to register when your records are held with a UK GP Surgery

If you do not currently have a GP in the UK then you must use an SCR1 form HSCR1 for those registering from outside of the UK