Patient Feedback

At a time when GP Surgeries are facing exceptional pressure and a lot of negativity via various media/social media reporting it is a breath of fresh air to be able to relate the following message which a patient took time to ring in and discuss:-

A phone call was made to the surgery last week and our patient wanted to ensure that her expression of thanks,for the prompt and efficient service she experienced, was passed on to the GP. She found the ability to register a call, send a photograph and then have a subsequent telephone consultation, (whilst she remained in work), was prompt and reassuring.

We would like to say thank you to our patient for taking the time to do this, it certainly gave the team a lovely boost.

If you have had confirmation that you can register with the surgery you may print your own forms to complete at home by using the following:-

If your records are with a GP surgery within the UK use an HS 200 Form HS200 to register when your records are held with a UK GP Surgery

If you do not currently have a GP in the UK then you must use an SCR1 form HSCR1 for those registering from outside of the UK