Bogus Callers/Texts


The Health & Social Care Board have recently been made aware of a number of incidents across Northern Ireland of patients being contacted by telephone from someone claiming to be linked to their GPs practice trying to sell products to the patient or attempting to extract financial information including bank details. Please do not give any personal information over the telephone. If you are contacted, please inform a member of staff at Moira Surgery.

Similarly there are a number of Covid Text type scams. The surgery does use texting as a means of communication, however you will never be asked for any financial information. If you are unsure about a text message please contact the surgery.

If you have had confirmation that you can register with the surgery you may print your own forms to complete at home by using the following:-

If your records are with a GP surgery within the UK use an HS 200 Form HS200 to register when your records are held with a UK GP Surgery

If you do not currently have a GP in the UK then you must use an SCR1 form HSCR1 for those registering from outside of the UK